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Mar 10 2022
female, immature
Ottawa - There has been a minor irruption in the east along the St. Lawrence in Quebec and parts of Eastern Ontario. They have been very difficult to locate.
Mar 11
Feb 24 2022
adult, outside normal range
Washago - Feeding on crab apples. Every year one or two make it into Ontario from their BC range.
Mar 1
Jan 7 2022
male, adult
Cobourg- There was a bit of slushy ice in the low waves on the shore of Lake Ontario. The birds would swim in close to shore then swim back out again.
Jan 21
Nov 29 2021
immature, outside normal range
Barrie - This second year bird, a bit larger than a Herring Gull is well outside its Pacific Coast range. This is only Ontario's second bird, the first being last year.
Nov 30 2021
male, adult, outside normal range
Amherst Island (Kingston area) - This bird just showed up yesterday and I was determined to try for it having missed others in Ontario over the years. A Western species, one shows up every few years somewhere but it was always too far. This one was within reach. Morning light was against me today so it was over an hour before I managed to get anything worthwhile and this, part of a sequence three hours later, was when I said goodbye. By the way, identified as male because it sang.
Mar 30 2021
Mar 21 2021
male, adult
Ottawa - A rare winter visitor for us. They get one or two each winter, one of the very few in Ontario.
Mar 24 2021
Dec 28 2021
male, adult
Mississauga - A few Harlequins, a coastal species, overwinter along Lake Ontario. This winter we know of a pair.
Jan 5 2021
Dec 23 2020
adult, outside normal range
Eastern Ontario - This is not a local bird. It is a subspecies from the North, A Snyder's Great Horned Owl, which sometimes migrates south in the winter, especially when snowshoe hares have a low population. It is a rare occurrence. This subspecies lacks the rich browns of southern birds, having an overall grayer appearance. It is also less intimidated by humans, more like a Barred Owl. Our local Great Horned Owls are very skittish.
Dec 24 2020