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Jul 7 2021
Pointe Yamachiche.
Aug 14
May 9 2021
One of my favourite species - reminds me of the first feeder birds in Pointe Claire. Taken at Delta, BC
May 12

sue: Lucky you!
This bird eluded us for most of the winter but briefly reappeared in an area where we could observe it. The Great Gray is truly a woodland owl but likes to hunt the edges when it can. In this case it rarely came to the roadside. We identified it as a first year bird based on the pointed rather than rounded tail tips and pale rather than dark-tipped primaries. I last saw it early in January.
Mar 25
Aug 7 2020
Near Luther Marsh - This striking bird has been around since at least July 23. I made the lengthy trip into southcentral Ontario and wasn't disappointed. Most are seeing it at a distance, often quite far so having it fly overhead, even briefly, was a real treat and worth the trip.
Aug 10 2020
Jul 20 2020
In our backyard, Pointe Claire.
Jul 26 2020
Jul 16 2020
In our backyard. Pointe Claire.
Jul 19 2020
May 16 2020
In our backyard. Pointe Claire.
Jun 26 2020