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Nov 16 2023
Erieau - I had tried a number of times this fall to find the species in various areas but failed until this day. Living up to its reputation, the bird was wonderfully cooperative. I did not approach it, the bird was simply very close when I found it, almost stumbling over it in a dark corner of a breakwater. Thankfully it later went into the light.
Nov 20
Oct 29 2023
La Passe - Flocks of cranes were feeding in fields where corn had been recently harvested.
Oct 30
White-rumped Sandpiper (32)
Oct 12 2023
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - On Gull Island. The walk over was much better than my trip in September. The water was only knee deep instead of waist deep and that was only for about two minutes of the walk. The rest was much shallower. Also the distance across had been shortened by 75%, making for about a five minute crossing.
Oct 13
Sep 7 2023
summer plummage
Sep 9
juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 6
Aug 24 2023
Blenheim - An uncommon migrant. I sat on the grass and waited. After a short time the bird walked to within six feet. That's why shorebirds can be fun to work with if you play the waiting game rather than chasing, which seldom works.
Aug 27
South Lancaster - I had to be at the site by 5:15 a.m. to make sure I'd see the crane family head from the marsh to an adjacent soybean field. My shooting window today lasted about 3 minutes with the best shots in the first minute. Usually it is about 20 seconds.
Jul 14