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Jun 9 2022
Alfred - This is a nest site, part of a colony in a large pile of peat on a peat farm. I hope the young fledge before the hill is excavated.
Jun 10
Feb 13 2022
male, adult, winter plummage
This elusive bird is mostly found in the high-altitude forests of the Himalayas. Caught this one emerging from behind a snow bank.
Apr 8
Jul 13 2021
Napier - A light drizzle was falling but since I was shooting from the car it didn't matter. It is always nice to see this uncommon grassland species.
Aug 26 2021
Aug 24 2021
Crysler - Today a significant flock showed up, with 75+ probing the shallow river.
Aug 25 2021
Aug 18 2021
Crysler - Shorebirds continue their move south.
Aug 22 2021
Aug 12 2021
adult, molting
Crysler - Nice to see an adult of this uncommon species. There are very few areas for us to check for shorebirds this year so it was nice to see a spot along a river with good habitat and several dozen birds.
Aug 13 2021
Jul 10 2021
The luckiest birding moment of 2021 without a doubt. Mother and father crane had just caught a vole, and fed the young crane in front of us. The Reifel Bird Sanctuary biologist had to keep all visitors back as this spectacle unfolded.
Jul 30 2021
Jul 10 2021
Well this isn't an angle you see everyday. Mom's eye view of a Sandhill Crane youngster. Mom is at the bottom of the photo looking down.
Jul 30 2021
Jul 10 2021
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC
Jul 30 2021