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Sep 18 2021
female, adult, outside normal range
Owen Sound - This bird should be heading to Africa via Europe after breeding in the eastern Arctic but got her wires crossed.
Sep 19
Aug 15 2021
Cornwall - Common Nighthawks no longer breed in our region so if we want to see one in the summer we have to head almost two hours northwest onto part of the Canadian Shield. They prefer open rocky areas with limited vegetation for breeding. This bird was a migrant that spent the day sleeping on a power line. In the third week of August, several flocks of a dozen or more moved through late in the day.
Aug 22
Jun 2 2021
Cobourg - Breeding activity
Aug 11
Jun 24 2021
male, adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Coldwater - My first chance seeing a male in breeding plumage. Previous records have been females (Reeve).
Aug 8
A beautiful bird in breeding plumage. Unfortunately we usually only see them in non-breeding plumage
Oct 25 2020
Jan 1 1970
A common non-breeding summer visitor to Mozambique
Oct 25 2020
Dec 5 2015
A non breeding Palarctic migrant to our eastern shores
Oct 25 2020
Jan 1 1970
A breeding endemic now critically endangered
Oct 12 2020
Jan 1 1970
A fairly common non-breeding winter visitor to South Africa
Oct 12 2020