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Sep 17 2023
This appears to be an adult and a juvenile judging by the length of the tail
Sep 24
juvenile, outside normal range
Ottawa - A great regional bird dropped in with a mixed flock of peeps. Being a juvenile it was quite accommodating of the attention it attracted.
Aug 25 2022
Aug 12 2021
adult, molting
Crysler - We seldom see adults, only juveniles later on. Generally there are only one or two per year. It is very difficult to tell them apart from Short-billed but there are a few field marks including an under wing pattern difference. I saw that as well.
Aug 13 2021
Jul 26 2021
Jul 29 2021
Sep 8 2020
A mother and juvenile .She was feeding it.
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 15 2020
Aug 22 2020
We have managed to plant a garden that attracts hummingbirds,bees and butterflies in our back yard.We have noticed a lot of juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbirds but not many adult males.This guy is a bit scruffy but I was glad to get him.
Aug 23 2020