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Parc des Prairies, Laval - 17 May 2007
Feb 11 2008
Male Hooded Merganser (8)
Centennial Park, D.D.O.
November 12, 2007

I finally got a clear shot of him.
Nov 12 2007
Jun 24 2021
male, adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Coldwater - My first chance seeing a male in breeding plumage. Previous records have been females (Reeve).
Aug 8
Jul 26 2021
Jul 29
Jul 4 2021
male, adult
#Voyageur Provincial Park
Jul 5
Mar 8 2020
#second smallest hummingbird
#Finca Lerida
#Alto Quiel
Jun 14
male, adult, outside normal range
Amherst Island (Kingston area) - This bird just showed up yesterday and I was determined to try for it having missed others in Ontario over the years. A Western species, one shows up every few years somewhere but it was always too far. This one was within reach. Morning light was against me today so it was over an hour before I managed to get anything worthwhile and this, part of a sequence three hours later, was when I said goodbye. By the way, identified as male because it sang.
Mar 30
Mar 10 2021
male, adult
Crysler - I spent hours today trying to find the right individuals. It was tough (these are very difficult birds to work with) but I finally located an adult male that typifies what a Horned Lark looks like.
Mar 11
Jan 31 2021
male, adult
Ottawa - If you check the photo I posted the other day, you will notice that this red morph is in the same hole. Apparently this morning the gray was in the hole and the red came by and the gray flew out, surrendering the hole to this bird. Could they be a pair? Yes that's possible. This is not nesting season but they could be paired up. Only 10% of the population is red and in the Eastern part of the province they are fairly rare. I just did a comparison with the other photo and aside from the gray bird being fluffed up to keep warm, it is standing a bit taller on what is presumably the same perch as the red morph. Female raptors are larger than males. The colour has nothing to do with the bird's sex.
Feb 1