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Parc des Prairies, Laval - 17 May 2007
Feb 11 2008
Male Hooded Merganser (22)
Centennial Park, D.D.O.
November 12, 2007

I finally got a clear shot of him.
Nov 12 2007
Oct 18 2022
male, juvenile
Blenheim - An uncommon migrant. Identified as a probable male based on bill length. Females have a longer bill.The same goes for Short-billed Dowitchers. To add to the confusion of species, you can have a long-billed, Short-billed Dowitcher and a short-billed, Long-billed Dowitcher. Both species were poorly named.
Oct 20
Vernal Hanging Parrot (22)
Sep 7 2022
male, adult
Both birds are male
Sep 10
Aug 23 2022
male, adult, nest
This male is feeding his chicks. After he's caught the fish, he pauses on a perch to confirm "all clear" of predators, before approaching the nest
The female has an orange lower mandible
Aug 25
They are one of the smallest kingfishers in the world. Roughly the size of a mid-sized hummingbird.
Male and female. This is probably shortly after mating, during nest-building. They nest in a hole that they dig in a vertical mud wall, in dark, covered river/stream beds. Thus, the bits of mud on their beaks. Incubation and feeding are done by both parents.
Jul 4
Jun 9 2022
male, adult
Alfred - Identified as male because it was singing on territory. It is not a spectacular species but it has a pleasant song.
Jun 18
May 16 2022
male, adult
The Greater Painted Snipe is polyandrous, bonding with several males during the mating season. Once eggs are laid, males provide incubation and bring up the young ones.
Jun 16
Oct 23 2020
male, adult
This male had just eaten and was grooming himself.
The video is a little old and dates back to before I learned about transitions & video stabilization. Please bear with me :)
Jun 6