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Jun 5 2022
Amherst Island - One of our most attractive shorebirds in spring.
Jul 15
Jun 22 2022
Alfred Bog - Two pairs were feeding and doing courtship calls. It was great to observe these large birds. They all had varying amounts of dried mud on their feathers which they toss on themselves in the spring, making it look like a plumage change.
Jul 12
Apr 18 2022
Vankleek Hill - It took me a while to find one this spring. Our numbers are always low.
Apr 19
Apr 15 2022
male, adult
Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary - I had my first spring warbler singing away. Pines are usually early and can tolerate the cold well as long as they have enough food. When insects are not available they will eat seeds as well as berries.
Apr 16
Jan 7 2022
outside normal range
Niagara Falls - This southern vagrant has spent five months hanging out with Mallards at a park. It is a bit smaller than its many cousins and when it is close it really stands out. It presumably will relocate in the spring.
Jan 21
May 12 2021
male, adult
# Montreal Technoparc
# spring migration
Dec 28 2021
May 12 2021
adult, summer plummage
Wheatley - One of our most colourful spring shorebirds
Aug 7 2021
Mar 7 2021
Winchester - Our first spring migrants. This is the Prairie subspecies – white above the eye rather than yellow for the northern subspecies.
Mar 8 2021