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Apr 21 2023
Ottawa - The lively extended song of this tiny mite is remarkable, a welcome sound on a spring day.
Apr 23
Mar 1 2020
Ottawa - Winter Wren is not a new bird but this was my first in winter, as shown with this snow white background. In Southern Ontario a few stick around but further north they are rare in winter. I made four attempts to see this little guy over the last 6 weeks (not travelling specifically for it) and finally got lucky.
Mar 2 2020
Ingleside - I've had two good opportunities with this species this year but it was years before that and not a good result at the time.
May 20 2019
Apr 22 2019
Ottawa - I had three of these birds today and spent well over an hour trying to get a picture of one. It was very challenging because it was always behind branches. I finally got a few in the open. It was not too far and I was able to do a decent crop. Don't forget, this is a very small bird.
Apr 23 2019
Oct 4 2015
adult, winter plummage
I was very excited about this Wren perching on a dead log only meters away this morning. I have not seen a wren before. This little bird stayed for about 30 seconds for me to get many good photos.
Oct 3 2015
Aug 12 2015
Algonquin Provincial Park - I finally had an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of these little guys.
Aug 14 2015
Oct 10 2014
This Winter Wren was doing its best impression of a creeper as it explored the trunk of this tree.

Image taken at Shirleys Bay Ottawa.
Oct 11 2014
Sep 28 2011
A banded bird at McGill Bird Observatory
Oct 1 2011
25 May 08
Canon XTi w/EF100-400
Ile Bizard, QC, Can

This spring the Winter Wren reappeared at the same locale as last year. I managed some pics in the gloom. It was a little far for flash.
I like the Fench name "Forest Wren", very fitting.
Jun 25 2008
Jan 26 2008
Winter Wren perched on the edge of a frozen slough in the Dagmar Wildlife Management Area of Arkansas. Taken while searching for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker on January 26, 2008.
Jan 28 2008