Sep 17 2021
female, juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 24
Sep 10 2021
juvenile, outside normal range
#Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 22
juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 21
Sep 8 2021
female, juvenile, winter plummage
# Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 20
Wild Turkey (8)
Sep 11 2021
male, adult
Amherst Island - They are so commonly seen now that I rarely take photos but the back light drew my attention to the colour.
Sep 19
Sep 18 2021
female, adult, outside normal range
Owen Sound - This bird should be heading to Africa via Europe after breeding in the eastern Arctic but got her wires crossed.
Sep 19
Sep 8 2021
#Presqu'ile Provincial Park
fall migration
Sep 19