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Egyptian Goose (4) (Alopochen aegyptiaca) User: Chris2889  (See all photos - 1)
United States (US lower 48) Just a quick snapshot, from a bicycle, with a point and shoot. First two Egyptian Geese that I ever sighted. They were observed on Deer Creek Golf Course. The male was strutting and honking with the female standing quietly. They were soon joined by another pair. The new male appearing to successfully honk and intimate the first male to apparently achieve some some dominance. A few months later there were many offspring. Currently, August 4, 2014,there are at least a hundred Egyptian Geese living on the golf course and surrounding area. From the limited information that I gathered, they were first sighted northern end of Florida's Atlantic coastline and have gradually moving south; which is unlike the lack of movement of flocks established in Europe.
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Date: March 27, 2009
Details: Male, Female, Adult, Outside normal range
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