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Turkey Vulture (56) (Cathartes aura) User: jjester9  (See all photos - 3)
United States (California) waiting to feed on a squirrel taken by an owl the night before.
Views: 1762
Date: May 9, 2014
Details: Unknown gender, Adult
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Peregrine Falcon (30) (Falco peregrinus) User: jjester9  (See all photos - 3)
United States (California) This beautiful Falcon has been hanging around the lake right off my back deck. I have never seen them this far inland but searching Peregrine Falcons shows Auburn, California as within range...
Views: 1776
Date: November 5, 2013
Details: Unknown gender, Winter plumage, Adult, Outside normal range
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Red-shouldered Hawk (19) (Buteo lineatus) User: jjester9  (See all photos - 3)
United States (California) "Mercy", would stay high in the pine trees and watch me run around attempting to get a good shot of her, but never was I able to until one day she came down eye level to where I was with my camera and 'posed' for me.. this is the first time she has done this and has not done it since. She came down that day just as curious of me as I was of her. Mercy is a gorgeous red shouldered hawk and watching the other hawks around here..she appears a very good sized one.. We have bald eagles in Dec, Jan and sometimes into Feb before they fly up north/east of me to nest.. Mercy, although she stayed most of last year, seemed to have moved to another part of the lake as I have seen her once recently but does not stay in the trees near the house.
Views: 2714
Date: October 2012
Details: Female, Adult
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