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An attractive little Warbler from the Mountain ranges in Sabah. This is my last shot from Borneo.
We flew from Sabah back to Singapore and crossed the border in to Malaysia proper where we met our guide and started another 10 days birding. Please see my trip report uploaded under the formum tab for more details or go to www.birdphotography-kenlogan.co.za
Jan 27 2020
Feb 25 2019
This large flock of Baikal Teal flew up and down the estuary but always at least 100 metres away- Most frustrating. But you can just make out their elaborate facial markings
Jan 11 2020
Feb 27 2019
A bird you will all be familiar with. We saw two vagrant Sandhills in Kyushu and one Common Crane. Just occasionally you get a Demoiselle and every 10 years or so a Siberian Crane pitches up - a bird I would just love to see
Jan 8 2020
Feb 24 2019
Hooded Cranes are the most numerous bird on Kyushu. Over 10000 birds overwinter here
Jan 8 2020
Dec 12 2019
These Bat hawks have roosted in this Baobab tree for over 10 years
Jan 4 2020
Dec 5 2019
male, immature, outside normal range
Ingleside - This bird was spotted about 10 days ago and has been tough to see but after successive trips I finally had luck today. While some migrate through Northwestern Ontario, only a very few make it further east and south each year. This was our first local bird.
Dec 6 2019
Oct 2 2019
St. Rose - This is the easiest hawk to photograph. Rather than flying off when you are still 100+ feet away in your car, the bird will often remain until you are a reasonable diatance. That is especially true for young birds.
Oct 6 2019
adult, molting
Osgoode - A flock of 108 birds were in a large field
Aug 30 2019
Jun 17 2019
Brighton - A stately bird. Taken from my car at 10 metres in a flooded park.
Jun 18 2019
May 17 2019
When we stepped out of the car, we heard what at first sounded like 100 Great-crested Flycatchers in the distance. Upon closer inspection, we found a terrific flock of Evening Grosbeaks. Swan Lake, BC.
May 26 2019