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Another Juvenile
Jan 20 2020
Mar 3 2020
A sub adult female
Apr 22 2020
Mar 7 2020
King Penguins have a unique breeding cycle among birds raising two chicks every 3 years. This means that during the summer months there always birds with eggs, youngsters which they keep on their feet and juveniles like this one
Apr 23 2020
Mar 1 2020
Nice to get this close
Apr 20 2020
Jan 1 1970
The sulidae,fregatidae,and phaethonthidae families
are all well represented in Southern Africa but these largely tropical and sub tropical birds are always vagrants. Brown Booby is found off our eastern coasts usually following tropical cyclones
Feb 20 2020
Apr 15 2018
This bird was seen off Puerto Angel Mexico but they are regular off our east coast in the Mozambique channel
Feb 18 2020
Mar 3 2019
You can tell the age of a Stellers by seeing how grey his head feathers are, although they don't go pure white like me
Jan 7 2020
Feb 27 2019
Jan 8 2020
Jan 1 1970
Just one record for this bird in the Cape
Oct 25 2020
this is my last image from our great WPO trip. We would only be home 2 months before resuming our quest to see two of the last 3 families of the world we need. So look forward to the birds of Borneo and Malaysia
Jan 20 2020