Siberian Crane (1)
Grus leucogeranus
(Critically endangered)
adult, outside normal range
This is a local celebrity in Taiwan. A strained one year old Siberian crane came to the northern Taiwan and stayed there for a year and grow into adulthood. An endangered species with a healthy population in eastern Siberian area which had winter range in lower Yangtze river and rapid declined west Siberian area which had winter range in Iran and Pakistan. This bird came to Taiwan by unusual wind last December with light brown feather. Now, this bird displays courting dance in the morning but I reached there in the late afternoon. In the front, there is a cattle egret to compare the size. The local government and farmer took extra conservation effort to provide living area for this crane. Many tourist buses for nearby Yeliu Geological Park pass the local highway in order to see this crane. Siberian crane has black primary flying feather (not shown) and red beaks and legs, except black toes.
Nov 20 2015

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