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Dec 20 2021
adult, outside normal range
This lone bird appeared for the very first time at Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, Western India, in Dec 2021. It hung out with a large flock of Bar-headed geese (who are regular visitors there) and left with them in Jan/Feb 2022. This bird appears to be a Taiga Bean Goose based on the markings on its beak - the URL leads to a PDF download of the comparative identification of the Taiga & Tundra Bean geese / goose. (?) :)
May 14
Apr 25 2022
Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India.
May 4
Black-throated Bushtit (8)
Feb 13 2022
male, adult
May 2
Apr 25 2022
Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India
Caught this female finishing a meal of an unknown white bird
Apr 28
Sep 20 2020
male, adult, summer plummage
The Rain quail normally looks like a Common Quail. During the rainy (which is their breeding) season, they get these distinctive stripes and spend mornings and evenings standing on small rocks, calling to females.
Apr 17
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