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Indian Eagle Owl (16)
Sep 24 2021
Aug 9
Tricoloured Munia (16)
Jul 22 2022
Tricoloured Munias are native to the Indian Subcontinent.
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Jul 29
Jul 22 2022
More commonly known as the Indian Thick-knee or Great Thick-knee
Jul 26
Jul 22 2022
More commonly known (in Western India) as the "Small Button Quail" this tiny (fit-in-your-palm sized) quail-like bird is actually more closely related to shorebirds.
Jul 24
Indian Paradise Flycatcher (16)
Feb 7 2022
male, adult
This species used to be called the Asian Paradise Flycatcher (APFC). In 2015 the APFC name was declared a superspecies with three subspecies called
Indian Paradise Flycatcher, endemic to the Indian Subcontinent
Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher, found in SE China and SE Asia
Amur Paradise Flycatcher, native to China, Manchuria and East Russia
Jul 11
They are one of the smallest kingfishers in the world. Roughly the size of a mid-sized hummingbird.
Male and female. This is probably shortly after mating, during nest-building. They nest in a hole that they dig in a vertical mud wall, in dark, covered river/stream beds. Thus, the bits of mud on their beaks. Incubation and feeding are done by both parents.
Jul 4