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Dec 3 2015
female, adult, winter plummage
This is the female Siberian Rubythroat, a winter visitor in Taiwan. Instead of flaming ruby colored throat in the male, the feather of this female rubythroat is generally similar and a little less than the male counterpart. This female is paired with the male in Yehliu area, so this is easy to identify. However, in the field, this female bird will be difficult to be identified. Similar to the male, this bird is very happy to hop around lots.
Dec 7 2015
Dec 2 2013
male, adult, winter plummage
Siberian rubythroat is a winter visitor in Taiwan, usually hiding under the weeds and trees. This particular bird was standing on a rock to show as a model on the runway. Stationary and asking for the attention, I got many good photos about 2 meters from this bird at the famous Yehliu Geological Park on the Northeast coast of Taiwan. Did this bird just finished a long flight over sea from north (China, Korea or Japan)? Since that encounter, I saw the similar species many times and never got any decent shot at all.
Aug 14 2015