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Oct 23 2020
male, adult
This male had just eaten and was grooming himself.
The video is a little old and dates back to before I learned about transitions & video stabilization. Please bear with me :)
Jun 6
Aug 29 2021
outside normal range
This bird is not normally seen where this was photographed. Seen standing next to a Painted Stork
Jun 4
May 29 2022
YouTube video taken on the same day as the preceding two pictures of the Lesser Flamingos
Jun 1
May 29 2022
Lesser Flamingo, Mumbai suburbs.
Every year, more than 100,000 Lesser flamingos (along with a few greater flamingos) migrate to Mumbai from November to May. They inhabit alkaline water bodies and some coastal areas until the onset of the rains.
In the picture is a (small) part of a large group doing a courtship dance where they move together in groups, raise their necks and swing their heads from side to side.
May 30
May 14 2022
female, adult
May 27