At Boundary Bay, in the same location as the Little Stint in 2018. This bird was amongst 1000-2000 sandpipers, and was a challenge to see. Many people were helpful in pointing out markers out in the bay to help find him, as he looks almost identical to Western Sandpiper when facing away. As the tide was coming in, the wind kicked up which meant most birds were facing away and with their heads tucked. One lucky photo came out.
Jul 16

5 Replies to “Red-necked Stint”

  1. Great luck and shot. I knew the bird was in the area and wondered if you’d have a chance to look for it. Even better, it’s still in breeding plumage.

  2. It was extremely lucky. Not only were they so many birds, but they kept going up for short flights. Once someone finally refound the bird, it would take time to point out the location, only to have a Gull or Swallow fly by and send them up again. Fascinating experience, and the sounds are unforgettable.

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