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At Boundary Bay, in the same location as the Little Stint in 2018. This bird was amongst 1000-2000 sandpipers, and was a challenge to see. Many people were helpful in pointing out markers out in the bay to help find him, as he looks almost identical to Western Sandpiper when facing away. As the tide was coming in, the wind kicked up which meant most birds were facing away and with their heads tucked. One lucky photo came out.
Jul 16
May 21 2023
Funny to see this species in Ontario a week ago, and then again yesterday. Belcarra Regional Park, BC.
May 23
Our friend is back in the yard. Not sure if it's the same exact bird, or perhaps a young bird from last year - but was happy to see him return. Delta, BC
Apr 4
winter plummage
The lighting was not great at Iona today, but I rarely see this species so was happy to get any photo record at all. The pair then took off and kept flying towards Vancouver Island.
Jan 2
winter plummage, multiple species
Sanderling approaching a Dunlin at Iona, Richmond, BC.
Jan 2
winter plummage
One more photo from today, for identification and reference with wings up. It helped that this bird was almost at water level, and had to move quite a bit to avoid the waves. Iona, Richmond, BC.
Jan 2