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Jun 17 2024
juvenile, outside normal range
After all the recent spectacular shots - this may seem a bit underwhelming. However, a record shot (shot for personal reasons). We had a Robin's nest in the backyard this year. The eggs were still unhatched June 1st. Incredibly by June 17th, this was one of at least 3 birds that fledged. It was stressful. The Robin parents (espcially the mother) were calling out every day, most hours of the day as if a predator was around. Although we did see Racoons and cats on occasion, most of the time it almost seemed as a tactic to distract. After hatching, we were keeping an eye from the window on the numerous crows in the area. This particular photo was one of the fledglings about 20 ft up in a cherry tree some 30 yards from the nest. They stayed well-hidden, and almost silent except for some high-pitched sounds to let the parents know where they were. The speed at which they went from hatching to this photo (just about 2 weeks) was stagerring - though I haven't studied biology and so I presume that is standard :)
Delta, BC
Jul 1
outside normal range
This was a real surprise to see at Surrey today. Very shy, he only appeared for 10 seconds and went back to hiding in the hedge
Apr 21
Mar 17 2024
Seen at Richmond, BC near the airport.
Mar 31
At Boundary Bay, in the same location as the Little Stint in 2018. This bird was amongst 1000-2000 sandpipers, and was a challenge to see. Many people were helpful in pointing out markers out in the bay to help find him, as he looks almost identical to Western Sandpiper when facing away. As the tide was coming in, the wind kicked up which meant most birds were facing away and with their heads tucked. One lucky photo came out.
Jul 16 2023