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Feb 6 2021
Seen at English Bay amongst other species
Feb 7
Mar 9 2019
Female near the male at Richmond, Vancouver, BC.
Mar 11 2019
Mar 9 2019
This was by far the closest I've been to a Gadwall, normally quite shy. Even some pinkish colouring appears on the head. Some shoreline brambles helped provide a blind. Thanks to the City of Richmond for doing a phenomenal job in protecting wildlife wetlands.
Mar 11 2019
Mar 9 2019
Gadwall at Richmond yesterday morning.
Mar 11 2019
May 24 2018
male, multiple species
The female Gadwall looks like some other female ducks, but the male stands out. Iona regional park, Richmond, BC.
May 25 2018
Dec 23 2017
multiple species
A rather complex scene unfolded in front of me today. While trying to photograph a group of Green-winged Teals, slowly more species appeared. What I believe to be 4 species including Green-winged Teal (top and bottom, male female), Gadwall (2 in the centre), Shoveler (towards the bottom left) and American Widgeon (upper right, and middle left). I'm not sure whether the bird in the middle upper left with the orange beak is a Mallard. Seen at Tsawwassen, BC, Canada.
Dec 24 2017
Jan 7 2016
male, adult
Jan 8 2016
Feb 24 2014
male, adult
Kingston - a duck out of the water for a change
Feb 26 2014
Sep 6 2013
Landing at Iona Regional Park in Vancouver on Friday Sept. 6, 2013
Sep 11 2013
May 26 2012
Gadwalls with Western Painted Turtle
Birdie Lake, Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Vernon BC
Jun 17 2012