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Aug 11 2022
Ottawa - Our smallest shorebird.
Aug 12
Aug 11 2022
Ottawa - This is migration time for shorebirds and a very small number of phalaropes have been reported. This species is very tolerant of people and if you remain still and wait for the bird to approach, it may come very close. This very young bird passed by at 3 metres. There is almost no crop for this shot.
Aug 12
Aug 9 2022
Long Sault Parkway - A couple of herons were working the shallow water for frogs and minnows. This bird would spend time waiting for an opportunity then when it tired of that location it would run like a sandpiper to another spot.
Aug 10
Jul 31 2022
adult, outside normal range
Kingston - The Neotropic Cormorant is a provincial rarity that is making an annual appearance in the province in recent years. The species is slowly expanding its range northward from Texas and Louisiana. Note the proportionately longer tail than Double-crested, duller orange skin on the throat and faint white facial marking. The bird is noticeably smaller than its cousin.
Aug 3
Jun 5 2022
Amherst Island - One of our most attractive shorebirds in spring.
Jul 15
Jun 22 2022
Alfred Bog - Two pairs were feeding and doing courtship calls. It was great to observe these large birds. They all had varying amounts of dried mud on their feathers which they toss on themselves in the spring, making it look like a plumage change.
Jul 12
male, adult
Alfred - This shot fell into my lap. I stopped at a spot looking for a perch that a Bobolink might land on. I grabbed my camera to test the settings on the bush and as I raised it there was the bird I was hoping to find.
Jun 22