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female, adult
Cornwall - Bird at nest site at dawn. It had been feeding its single 10-day old chick a cottontail rabbit. This must have been a very late nesting.
Apr 14
Feb 5 2024
Algonquin Park - Numerous Red Crossbills present but few White-winged this year. Normally we can expect pictures from ground level looking to tree tops but from the elevated visitor centre deck I was almost at the height of the trees.
Apr 1
American Kestrel (40)
Mar 25 2024
male, adult
Wolfe Island Kingston - Very cooperative subject for a change.
Mar 26
Mar 16 2024
Wolfe Island Kingston – It was a good winter for this species on the island. Earlier in the year I had many but while there were only 4-5 remaining on this day, I was very pleased with the result. The nice thing about shorties is that they usually become active before dark, in this case 2 hours ahead, so getting acceptable photos in available light is possible.
Mar 17
Mar 16 2024
Wolfe Island (Kingston) - This was one of 5 shrikes I encountered that day, a record total for me. I figured that 2-3 of them were recent northbound migrants.
That is the actual colour of the bird. It's in transition.
Mar 17
Eastern Bluebird (40)
We have a few bluebirds breeding in the area but they are always a treat to see. This male had a partner and had already selected a nest box.
Mar 5