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Nov 29 2021
immature, outside normal range
Toronto - A second BC bird in one day. This one has found a Toronto park to its liking.
Nov 30 2021
Nov 29 2021
immature, outside normal range
Barrie - This second year bird, a bit larger than a Herring Gull is well outside its Pacific Coast range. This is only Ontario's second bird, the first being last year.
Nov 30 2021
Nov 19 2021
Cornwall - One thing is for sure with birds, you always have to be ready for surprises. This is a Ring-billed Gull with excessive melanin in its genes, something that occurs far less frequently in birds than leucism, where there is a deficiency in colours, usually melanin. We know this is an adult because it was reported two years ago in the same area and looked exactly the same at that time. This is the first bird of any kind that I have encountered with such a condition. Leucistic birds (pale or white feathers) are more commonly found.
Nov 27 2021
Nov 20 2021
Ottawa - There are very few red morph Screech Owls in the eastern part of the province so when this bird appeared after a one-day showing of another bird last winter it was eagerly welcomed. Looking back at my photos from January, the facial markings are quite different.
Nov 23 2021
adult, outside normal range
Ottawa - A new bird for the region. This little guy gave me a hard time. It was first spotted while I was watching the Red Phalarope a couple of days ago. I I dashed about 10 km to a waiting throng of birders but despite a lengthy search it wasn't seen while I was there. This morning I had the bird all to myself for 90 minutes. It was still very elusive but I had a number of good shooting opportunities.
Nov 19 2021
Oct 6 2021
Long Sault - The obvious caption here would be 'That's a stretch'.
Nov 15 2021
female, adult, outside normal range
Montreal- After seeing Ahmad's nice photo, I had to give it a try, expecting that the bird could leave any day. I didn't need to look for the bird, just the birders/photographers. The setting is right beside the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and the bird spent about 25% of its time working the fence line, occasionally heading further onto airport property. The rest of the time it was high in trees across the road, feeding on berries. Possible female based on tail length.
Nov 10 2021
Oct 26 2021
outside normal range
Stratford - Saved me a trip to southern Texas at best or maybe even into the tropics. This anomaly is not a first for the province but is still exceptionally rare. The bird was very approachable but that wasn't necessary because at times it would head towards us as it busily probed the grass in a horse pasture for insects. Before I arrived it had been walking around the feet of observers.
Oct 29 2021