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Eastern Bluebird (41)
We have a few bluebirds breeding in the area but they are always a treat to see. This male had a partner and had already selected a nest box.
Mar 5
Mar 3 2024
I don't normally post more than one shot of a recent subject but this one is worth an encore. I checked out the bird again and managed to get better shots than on the first sighting.
Mar 4
Winchester - Discovered a few days ago and since we are late in the season, the bird could head north any day now.
Mar 2
Feb 26 2024
This was a late day surprise. I didn't see two birds picking up grit on the side of a dirt road until the last second because of the low light. I stopped only about a car length away from one as it worked its way back into the bush. I had no time to check camera settings and was worried about shooting too slow so I hoped for the best. I manged three shots of several in fairly good focus.
Feb 27
Feb 11 2024
This is a very challenging subject to get close enough to for a good shot. I worked with it for two hours, then had it fly away from its normal treetop perches to land low beside the road.
Feb 18
Feb 13 2024
While driving a back road I spotted an eagle perched in an old tree. It was not too far from the road so I expected it to fly any second. It didn't. Over the course of the next 10 minutes I had a West Coast experience, where you could actually get close enough to an eagle for a decent shot. I slowly advanced, stopping every 20 feet or so, getting out and leaning over the car roof for cover. I made five stops, each time bewildered by the bird's disinterest in me. It eventually moved but not because of me. I was opposite it on the road so as close as I could be and it continued to look around in perfect light on a great perch against a deep blue winter sky. What an experience, one of a kind. Where I live, eagles are regular but getting close to one is virtually impossible.
Feb 14
Feb 5 2024
male, nest
Algonquin Park - There were hundreds of Red Crossbills. They were seen or heard at virtually every stop and are almost certainly nesting right now. They can breed in any month of the year, the decision being based on food availability not season. There are many types, with this one likely being the type that feeds on pines which have a good cone crop. They are notoriously tame, being very approachable and at times landing only a few feet away if you are still.
Feb 6
Short-eared Owl (41)
Jan 21 2024
Kingston - Wolfe Island. A flock of these beauties kept us occupied for about 90 minutes as dusk advanced. The sun was very low when this shot was taken.
Jan 23