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female, adult
Cornwall - I'm pretty sure this is the remaining bird from the pair that had bred here for several years. The male was injured in the spring and because its wing could not be repaired it was euthanized unfortunately. They had been using an old industrial smokestack platform as a nest site. The dark area behind the bird is inside the smokestack.
Sep 23 2023
Sep 16 2022
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - A Peregrine flyby set all the shorebirds scrambling. It was unsuccessful and moved on. This is the number one predator of migrating shorebirds, followed by the smaller Merlin. Both appeared that day.
Sep 18 2022
Apr 25 2022
Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India
Caught this female finishing a meal of an unknown white bird
Apr 28 2022
Aug 8 2020
About 2 min after this bird zipped by, a Willet and a Marbled Godwit, along with several dozens sandpipers came in the opposite direction - amazing what he can flush. Boundary Bay, BC.
Aug 10 2020
Oct 29 2019
Oct 30 2019
Jun 6 2019
female, adult
Jun 26 2019
Jul 9 2018
male, adult
Cornwall - Male above and female below
Jul 10 2018
Jul 8 2018
female, adult
Cornwall - I finally confirmed the nest site.
Jul 9 2018
Mar 4 2018
Boundary Bay, Delta BC
Taken from about 100 meters away while in my car, hence the poor quality. It seems to know I'm there and is not happy.
Apr 14 2018
Dec 23 2017
The sunny weather continues in BC, which made this possible once it was high enough in the sky in Richmond, BC, Canada. One Canada's most formidable aerial hunters up close and personal like I've never seen before.
Dec 24 2017