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Sep 23 2022
juvenile, molting
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Gull Island This bird was a shocker. While checking a few birds on shore I saw bright orange legs from a distance and thought maybe a turnstone but not this time. We look for them in November but in recent years it has been December and still at best an annual rarity. Incredibly early. The bird is molting into its first winter plumage.
Sep 25
Sep 6 2022
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Sep 22
Sep 16 2022
adult, molting
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 18
Sep 16 2022
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - A Peregrine flyby set all the shorebirds scrambling. It was unsuccessful and moved on. This is the number one predator of migrating shorebirds, followed by the smaller Merlin. Both appeared that day.
Sep 18