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Dec 23 2020
adult, outside normal range
Eastern Ontario - This is not a local bird. It is a subspecies from the North, A Snyder's Great Horned Owl, which sometimes migrates south in the winter, especially when snowshoe hares have a low population. It is a rare occurrence. This subspecies lacks the rich browns of southern birds, having an overall grayer appearance. It is also less intimidated by humans, more like a Barred Owl. Our local Great Horned Owls are very skittish.
Dec 24 2020
Dec 15 2019
Pointe-Yamachiche - The bird was perched on a fallen tree at eye level, a rare view for this species. It was late in the afternoon so it was very alert but not yet hunting.
Dec 20 2019
Jun 9 2018
As I was driving along after a thunderstorm, I saw this guy sitting in a tree getting completely mobbed by Red-wings. South of Brooks, Alberta.
Jun 14 2018
May 9 2018
female, adult
May 10 2018
May 7 2018
female, adult
May 10 2018
Jun 5 2017
Swan Lake Conservation Area, Princeton BC
A chance encounter, the owl was not impressed.

I took a couple of shots and respectfully exited the scene.
Sep 7 2017
May 28 2017
Looking out across a small lagoon, we could see this owl from far away as it stood out against the backdrop of the moss and foliage. Billy Frank Nisqually NWR, Washington.
Jun 8 2017
Aug 26 2016
Being mobbed by crows in the front yard. Hudson, Quebec, Canada
Sep 25 2016
Apr 5 2016
Kingston - This is perhaps the most common view of a Great Horned Owl for birders in eastern Canada, unless it is on its nest. The silhouette is unmistakable. In the West it seems to be more common to find them exposed in the daytime.
Apr 7 2016
Apr 1 2015
Lake Country BC
A pair were nesting in the area.
Apr 23 2015