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Jan 1 2024
male, adult
Hamilton - Long-tailed Ducks are common in the area in winter but I had to capture this bird. It had the longest tail I have seen on this species.
Jan 6
Sep 15 2023
male, juvenile
Crysler - An uncommon to rare regional migrant. Likely a male based on the bill length. Females of both dowitcher species have longer bills.
Sep 16 2023
Nov 24 2022
male, adult, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - This is a fairly rare shot of a common winter duck on Lake Ontario. I have never seen one out of the water although I have seen thousands. The bird was about 20 metres offshore and I stealthily approached very slowly, stopping with each small advancement. I used the camera on tripod as my blind so my form would not be obvious. It worked. In fact, I could have gotten even closer but I stopped when the water reached 3/4" from the top of my rubber boots. I knew what would happen next. I'd turn around and head for shore and it would move (I was about 10 metres into the lake). As soon as I turned it headed into the water and swam away.

The best thing about this rare experience was the setting. It was perfect late afternoon light with the bird in exactly the right position.
Nov 27 2022
Oct 18 2022
male, juvenile
Blenheim - An uncommon migrant. Identified as a probable male based on bill length. Females have a longer bill.The same goes for Short-billed Dowitchers. To add to the confusion of species, you can have a long-billed, Short-billed Dowitcher and a short-billed, Long-billed Dowitcher. Both species were poorly named.
Oct 20 2022
Mar 18 2022
A bit of an awkward photo. I was completely caught off guard seeing a Thrasher on a suet feeder - let alone a species I've never photographed. This was the only photo I managed in focus. Bentsen-Rio Grande.
Mar 20 2022
Aug 12 2021
adult, molting
Crysler - We seldom see adults, only juveniles later on. Generally there are only one or two per year. It is very difficult to tell them apart from Short-billed but there are a few field marks including an under wing pattern difference. I saw that as well.
Aug 13 2021