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Nov 24 2022
male, adult, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - This is a fairly rare shot of a common winter duck on Lake Ontario. I have never seen one out of the water although I have seen thousands. The bird was about 20 metres offshore and I stealthily approached very slowly, stopping with each small advancement. I used the camera on tripod as my blind so my form would not be obvious. It worked. In fact, I could have gotten even closer but I stopped when the water reached 3/4" from the top of my rubber boots. I knew what would happen next. I'd turn around and head for shore and it would move (I was about 10 metres into the lake). As soon as I turned it headed into the water and swam away.

The best thing about this rare experience was the setting. It was perfect late afternoon light with the bird in exactly the right position.
Nov 27 2022
Mar 9 2020
male, adult, winter plummage
Burlington - Males are very attractive, even in winter plumage. The numbers of this winter visitor have already thinned as spring advances.
Mar 15 2020
male, adult, winter plummage
Hamilton - There were a couple of thousand birds present in the area. This is a major wintering site.
Jan 23 2020
Mar 2 2019
A bird familiar to North American birders- Like Harlequin Duck it has a wide distribution across the Northern hemisphere
Jan 9 2020
Jan 10 2019
male, adult
Jan 11 2019
Mar 11 2018
male, winter plummage
Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts Wa
Earlier I saw a male/female pair further out in the water. I think this guy was displaying to sway her to change partners.
Apr 14 2018
Mar 11 2018
Lighthouse Marine PArk, Point Roberts WA
Taken from about 10 ft away as the duck came in to shore.
Apr 14 2018
Feb 18 2018
male, adult, winter plummage
Feb 25 2018
Dec 10 2017
male, juvenile
Wilband Creek PArk, Abbotsford BC
Feb 6 2018