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Aug 12 2021
adult, molting
Crysler - We seldom see adults, only juveniles later on. Generally there are only one or two per year. It is very difficult to tell them apart from Short-billed but there are a few field marks including an under wing pattern difference. I saw that as well.
Aug 13
Oct 15 2019
West Perth Wetlands - This was my third encounter with the species this fall.
Oct 18 2019
Sep 4 2019
Ingleside - It has been a good year for dowitchers showing up in different places in Ontario but of course in low numbers. The Long-billed is less commonly found in the East.
Sep 5 2019
Sep 1 2019
Sep 2 2019
Sep 30 2018
winter plummage
I was able to nab the Long-billed Dowitcher at Iona, Richmond, BC despite some spits of rain passing through.
Oct 1 2018
May 20 2018
adult, multiple species
Embrun lagoon - with Short-billed Dowitcher. Taken after sunset so a little grainy.
May 21 2018
male, juvenile
Ottawa - The short bill length might suggest a short-billed but males have a shorter bill than females. The length is even shorter than you might find on Short-bills which indicates why bill length is not a safe indicator for this species. This bird had been checked out by local experienced birders.
Sep 25 2017
Oct 19 2015
Richmond - very cooperative individual and my closest approach to this species. I have a number of photos of birds with water dripping off the bill. This is my first 'mud drop'.
Oct 20 2015
Nov 18 2014
winter plummage
Burnaby Lake Regional Park, Burnaby BC
ID is always tricky with Dowitchers, but normally Long-billed are seen at this fresh-water lake.
Dec 2 2014
Jun 16 2014
adult, summer plummage
Sewage Ponds, Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
Yummy stuff
Jun 17 2014