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Sep 15 2023
male, juvenile
Crysler - An uncommon to rare regional migrant. Likely a male based on the bill length. Females of both dowitcher species have longer bills.
Sep 16 2023
Oct 18 2022
male, juvenile
Blenheim - An uncommon migrant. Identified as a probable male based on bill length. Females have a longer bill.The same goes for Short-billed Dowitchers. To add to the confusion of species, you can have a long-billed, Short-billed Dowitcher and a short-billed, Long-billed Dowitcher. Both species were poorly named.
Oct 20 2022
Aug 12 2021
adult, molting
Crysler - We seldom see adults, only juveniles later on. Generally there are only one or two per year. It is very difficult to tell them apart from Short-billed but there are a few field marks including an under wing pattern difference. I saw that as well.
Aug 13 2021
Oct 15 2019
West Perth Wetlands - This was my third encounter with the species this fall.
Oct 18 2019
Sep 4 2019
Ingleside - It has been a good year for dowitchers showing up in different places in Ontario but of course in low numbers. The Long-billed is less commonly found in the East.
Sep 5 2019
Sep 1 2019
Sep 2 2019
Sep 30 2018
winter plummage
I was able to nab the Long-billed Dowitcher at Iona, Richmond, BC despite some spits of rain passing through.
Oct 1 2018
May 20 2018
adult, multiple species
Embrun lagoon - with Short-billed Dowitcher. Taken after sunset so a little grainy.
May 21 2018
male, juvenile
Ottawa - The short bill length might suggest a short-billed but males have a shorter bill than females. The length is even shorter than you might find on Short-bills which indicates why bill length is not a safe indicator for this species. This bird had been checked out by local experienced birders.
Sep 25 2017