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Feb 6 2021
As luck would have it, the Bufflehead that was spending his time far out decided to very quickly swim almost to shore, presumably going after his lunch. English Bay, BC.
Feb 7 2021
Dec 29 2021
male, adult
Burlington - The colourful iridescence only shows when the head is at the correct angle to the sun.
Jan 20 2021
Dec 1 2018
Seen at Esquimalt Sanctuary, Victoria BC
Dec 3 2018
Mar 17 2018
male, juvenile
Brunswick Point, Delta BC
I cropped this family photo to show all the members. I think Mom is second from the back.
Apr 14 2018
Dec 25 2016
male, adult
Seen at North Saanich, BC, Canada.
Dec 26 2016
Oct 27 2016
male, adult
A close flyby of male and female Buffleheads at North Saanich, BC, Canada
Nov 1 2016
Jan 6 2016
male, adult
Erieau - To show off its colours the Bufflehead needs bright sunlight.
Jan 8 2016
Nov 22 2014
Seen at Vancouver, Canada.
Nov 30 2014