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May 25 2020
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - I don't take many feeder pictures but I will make an exception from time to time. This was certainly one of those times. The bird didn't land on adjacent trees but came directly to the feeder. What made this even better was that I was sitting on a recliner at one side of the yard talking with my friend who was on his deck while we both waited for action to follow.
May 26 2020
May 11 2017
A pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers were seen in the parking area for the beach at Long Point Provincial Park.
May 25 2017
Jul 5 2016
Constance Bay - west of Ottawa. I spent the afternoon with this pair which were actively feeding. Chicks still quite young – not visible. This is the only breeding pair I know of in the region. The nest was near the top of a 50 ft snag. Update: I just learned that there are 4 known breeding pairs in Eastern Ontario but that's still a far cry from the number we used to have.
Jul 6 2016
May 13 2016
Seen at Long Point, Ontario.
Jun 5 2016
May 13 2016
Long Point Provincial Park.
Jun 4 2016
Feb 25 2014
Gananoque - Record shot. A little distant but no mistaking this bird.
Feb 26 2014
May 12 2013
Long Point
May 23 2013
Dec 30 2011
I think this bird is one of my top 5 favourite species, along with the Snowy Owl, Black-capped Chickadee, Cardinal and Snow Bunting. Competition with Starlings for nest holes has greatly reduced their numbers. Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Florida.
Jan 2 2012
May 8 2011
Long Point Provincial Park
Nov 14 2011