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male, adult
Brockville - Ospreys are pretty run of the mill for us but I won't turn down a good shot when it presents itself. This one had just snagged a small pike.
Jun 22 2020
Oct 6 2021
Long Sault - The obvious caption here would be 'That's a stretch'.
Nov 15 2021
Sep 28 2020
male, adult
Ottawa - male displaying
Sep 29 2020
Jun 3 2020
Algoma District - Caught in morning light.
Jun 5 2020
male, adult
Guelph - part of a small overwintering flock that were feeding on remnant wild grapes and berries, including these winter berries. This plant keeps its fruit into the coldest part of the year, usually until birds clean them out.
Jan 12
Jun 21 2019
Ottawa - Another relatively easy to find summer species but when one lands a few feet away you just have to take the shot. There is almost no vertical crop on this image.
Jun 23 2019
Mar 10 2021
Ottawa - This bird has been present likely since December and will soon return to the boreal forest. I have seen it off and on throughout the winter but made a special trip to say goodbye. I spent some time observing it hunting, capturing a few shots.
Mar 12 2021
Jun 27 2019
male, adult
Massena - Interesting subjects are becoming more challenging to find at this time of the year so common birds move to the forefront.
Jul 3 2019