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Feb 8 2023
male, adult
Kingston - Wolfe Island - I had 7 owls of a probable 8-10 birds there this winter. Most did not present very well and adult males are notoriously skittish making shots like this a challenge. Their caution is for good reason because females always chase them away and wouldn't hesitate to have one for dinner. This is a very poor year for Snowy Owls, with most remaining in the Arctic. The area had the North American high for Christmas bird counts this year (8 birds). To show the potential, I think the all-time record was 80+ birds some years ago. I had 53 in 2014. When there is a bumper crop of voles in the area coinciding with plenty of owls heading south we can get results like that. This is the third consecutive year with low numbers in all of Southern Canada.
Feb 9 2023
Wild Turkey (23)
Sep 11 2021
male, adult
Amherst Island - They are so commonly seen now that I rarely take photos but the back light drew my attention to the colour.
Sep 19 2021
male, adult
Brockville - Ospreys are pretty run of the mill for us but I won't turn down a good shot when it presents itself. This one had just snagged a small pike.
Jun 22 2020
Oct 6 2021
Long Sault - The obvious caption here would be 'That's a stretch'.
Nov 15 2021
Mar 3 2024
I don't normally post more than one shot of a recent subject but this one is worth an encore. I checked out the bird again and managed to get better shots than on the first sighting.
Mar 4
Feb 13 2024
While driving a back road I spotted an eagle perched in an old tree. It was not too far from the road so I expected it to fly any second. It didn't. Over the course of the next 10 minutes I had a West Coast experience, where you could actually get close enough to an eagle for a decent shot. I slowly advanced, stopping every 20 feet or so, getting out and leaning over the car roof for cover. I made five stops, each time bewildered by the bird's disinterest in me. It eventually moved but not because of me. I was opposite it on the road so as close as I could be and it continued to look around in perfect light on a great perch against a deep blue winter sky. What an experience, one of a kind. Where I live, eagles are regular but getting close to one is virtually impossible.
Feb 14
Jul 5 2023
male, adult
Long Sault - Proclaiming his territory. No sign of chicks yet.
Jul 7 2023
Jun 21 2019
Ottawa - Another relatively easy to find summer species but when one lands a few feet away you just have to take the shot. There is almost no vertical crop on this image.
Jun 23 2019