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Aug 15 2021
Cornwall - Common Nighthawks no longer breed in our region so if we want to see one in the summer we have to head almost two hours northwest onto part of the Canadian Shield. They prefer open rocky areas with limited vegetation for breeding. This bird was a migrant that spent the day sleeping on a power line. In the third week of August, several flocks of a dozen or more moved through late in the day.
Aug 22 2021
Jul 25 2020
Gibsons, BC, Canada
Aug 10 2020
Jun 28 2017
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
It's really cool to see these birds flying over the park during the day.
Oct 22 2017
Aug 24 2015
Coquitlam Indian Reserve - Poco Trail
Sep 30 2015
Long Point Provincial Park
Jun 1 2011
Taken during very bad and rainy weather,Long Point
May 21 2011
Jun 30 2009
Willow Bunch, Sask
June 30, 3009
Jul 31 2009
Jul 10 2007
Taken over my house in North Delta BC
Aug 23 2007
May 16 2007
Common Nighthawk taken on a very dark day,
May 16 20
Point Pelee,
May 26 2007