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Sep 11 2023
Ottawa - The photo was taken after sunset with nearby street lamps offering a small boost to the darkening light. I don't use flash. Owl pupils open wider than other birds giving them a totally different look at night – huge eyes that are solid black.
Sep 12 2023
male, adult
Ottawa - This is a known bird, quite used to people, although this was my first visit in a few years. It roosts a short distance from the nest site which the female is currently occupying. When I shot the photo, the bird was cautiously watching a mother raccoon and two kits high in a tree 8 metres away. They had just emerged for a night ramble. After a couple of minutes it launched towards the raccoons and flew right at the mother's head with wings open, likely dragging his claws on her fur as he flew by, it was that close. After a couple of minutes he repeated the attack and five minutes later did it again, each time engaging her head. It was pretty dark at that point so I didn't see the final outcome but the issue is that raccoons are one of the prime predators for Screech Owl nests.

The shots were taken as darkness was setting in so this was at only 1/10 second on tripod using a remote and ISO was up to 3200 (I don't have a mirrorless camera so ISO is an issue). Many of the shots incredibly were in focus and looked not bad. I got lucky.
Apr 24 2022
Nov 20 2021
Ottawa - There are very few red morph Screech Owls in the eastern part of the province so when this bird appeared after a one-day showing of another bird last winter it was eagerly welcomed. Looking back at my photos from January, the facial markings are quite different.
Nov 23 2021
Jan 31 2021
male, adult
Ottawa - If you check the photo I posted the other day, you will notice that this red morph is in the same hole. Apparently this morning the gray was in the hole and the red came by and the gray flew out, surrendering the hole to this bird. Could they be a pair? Yes that's possible. This is not nesting season but they could be paired up. Only 10% of the population is red and in the Eastern part of the province they are fairly rare. I just did a comparison with the other photo and aside from the gray bird being fluffed up to keep warm, it is standing a bit taller on what is presumably the same perch as the red morph. Female raptors are larger than males. The colour has nothing to do with the bird's sex.
Feb 1 2021
Jan 28 2021
Ottawa - Superb camouflage
Jan 29 2021
Apr 1 2020
Apr 5 2020
May 17 2014
Going back through some photos from last year. My first photo of an Eastern Screech Owl. Point Pelee, Ontario.
Apr 28 2015
Apr 19 2015
Ottawa - I spent hours waiting for it to open its eyes. This was taken in the first 30 seconds of my arrival.
Apr 21 2015
Jan 26 2015
Cornwall - sunning itself in the opening of a nest box. The weather was cold but it didn't react to the temperature or the wind.
Jan 27 2015
Dec 22 2014
Kingston - Howe Island. Sleeping in a favourite hole.
Dec 25 2014