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May 11 2022
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Jun 2
Murphy's Point Provincial Park - Note this bird is banded. The reason this species is experiencing a population decline is mainly due to interbreeding with the Blue-winged Warbler. The two are genetically almost identical so hybridisation is easier than with other species.
May 26 2020
May 29 2018
male, adult
Canoe Lake
Jun 2 2018
Aug 20 2017
Very surprised to find this bird at Cooper Marsh,South Lancaster,Ontario.
This is the best I could do as she kept moving deep into the bushes.
Aug 22 2017
May 16 2017
Long Point Bird Observatory,Ontario
May 25 2017
May 11 2015
Taken in Long Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.
May 25 2015
May 11 2015
Long Point Bird Observatory,Ontario
May 23 2015
May 24 2014
male, adult
Rick's recent photo reminded me that I had another to upload from last month at Godmanchester, Quebec. This call is very distinctive. I've uploaded a recording made that morning using my iphone; the recording is in the forum section at http://www.birdviewing.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6574#post6574
Jun 18 2014
Jun 15 2014
male, adult, summer plummage
A Sunday morning outing just west of Ottawa resulted in a close encounter with this male Golden-winged Warbler.
Jun 17 2014