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Feb 13 2021
male, adult
Cornwall - A rare winter straggler. This was the first one I have seen overwinter in the region.
Feb 14 2021
Mar 9 2019
Thanks to the City of Richmond, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Environment Canada. A little snip-it from the billboard at the Terra Nova Natural Area: 35 acre site, once farmland, has lain fallow for 20 years. Goal to preserve old field and grassland habitat and providing a diversity of plantings for the benefit of many bird species. 80 species use the habitats with the Terra Nova Park, adjacent to the Sturgeon Banks.
Mar 11 2019
Jan 12 2019
The last few of this species were very shy; today the luck changed. Seen at Burnaby Lake Park, BC, Canada
Jan 13 2019
Dec 23 2017
Seen with the sun low on the horizon at Tsawwassen, BC, Canada
Dec 24 2017
Apr 30 2015
female, adult
Jul 27 2015
Nov 18 2014
Burnaby Lake Regional Park, Burnaby BC
Dec 2 2014
Nov 4 2013
Nov 5 2013