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Jul 26 2014
Ring-necked Pheasants have been introduced all over the world for the pleasure of hunters, but they originate from Southeast Asia. They need to be constantly restocked since they would not be able to sustain their populations on their own outside their natural range!
Oct 7 2014
Aug 13 2014
The Tolfa Hills, about an hour North of Rome, are the best spot in Italy for this gorgeous species, and also very interesting for many other species. It is a quite wild spot!
Sep 11 2014
Jan 1 1970
A quite curious Black Redstart on migration through Ventotene Island.
Jul 15 2014
May 8 2010
A whinchat positively refueling during its stopover on Ventotene island, a major migration hotspot in the spring.
Jul 10 2014
May 1 2010
A male (right, smaller) and a female (left, larger) Honey Buzzards on migration over Ventotene island in spring. Raptors try to avoid crossing large water bodies during their migration, but when the conditions are right they can manage that even on quite large distances (Med sea ~500 km).
Jul 10 2014
Oct 19 2011
This male stonechat was observed during fall migration of one of Italy's migration hotspots, the island of Ventotene!
Jul 4 2014
May 6 2012
Wood Warblers occur on Italian islands in the thousands during spring migration. The islands are a last resort for birds exhausted after having crossed about 500 km of the Mediterranean in one bout. This one was lucky enough to find some aphids to pick off the flowers!
Jul 1 2014