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Nov 7 2020
The first rule is always to have the camera ready - thankfully that happened today (whereas usually I'm not quick enough on the draw). An absolutely stunning surprise for us today at Boundary Bay.
Nov 8 2020
male, summer plummage
Sep 26 2019
May 11 2019
Columbia Hills State park WA
Just as we were leaving the park, I had a second or two to get this one shot. It was on my side of the car, so Chris was out of luck on this one.
Jun 4 2019
male, summer plummage, captive
Sep 2 2017
Aug 31 2017
female, summer plummage, captive
Sep 1 2017
male, adult, summer plummage, captive
Oct 10 2016
Aug 26 2016
female, adult, summer plummage, captive
Aug 27 2016
male, adult, summer plummage, captive
Aug 22 2016
May 26 2015
Horsetail Road, Oliver BC
Jun 13 2015
Jul 26 2014
Ring-necked Pheasants have been introduced all over the world for the pleasure of hunters, but they originate from Southeast Asia. They need to be constantly restocked since they would not be able to sustain their populations on their own outside their natural range!
Oct 7 2014