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May 28 2021
Evening trip to Cypress Mountain was a good idea - have not seen this species since 1988, which was the only other sighting (Grouse Mountain), and at the time known as the Blue Grouse.
May 29
May 10 2015
Top of Sea to Sky Gondola (890 metres), Squamish BC.
A poor photo but the best I could get in the five seconds this bird was visible. A first for the site and a nice surprise on a Mother's day excursion with my wife.
May 12 2015
Feb 14 2010
Whistler Olympic Park - ski jumping venue.
The cameramen were feeding this bird before the competition started.

This is a lifer for me. It is probably a Willow Ptarmigan based on bill size and a female based on plumage, but I need Chris to add to the species list.
Feb 23 2010