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Nov 29 2015
Usually I saw this bird in the water but this eurasian coot appeared in the river bank, out of mangrove. I noticed the unique toe structure associated with this species, not the web but enlargement of each digit segment.
Feb 18 2016
Aug 8 2009
A juvenile European Coot. At this age it was still being fed by its parents.
Jul 10 2014
Jun 20 2013
one of the sloughs at the Sandbach Flashes, near Crewe in Cheshire
Jun 23 2013
I don't think I've seen a Coot out of water - look at the size of those feet. It was standing on a partially-submerged park bench, as the Main River was overflowing in Frankfurt.
Jan 16 2011
8 Mar 08
Canon XTi w/100-400mm
Guadalhorce, Malaga, Spain

Old World Bird
Very similar to our American Coot

PS anything bigger than about 2Mb doesn't upload
Oct 26 2008