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Oct 14 2018
Oct 24 2018
Sep 21 2015
Essen, Germany.
Jan 8 2016
Sep 24 2015
Taken in Essen.
Sep 30 2015
Mar 28 2006
This robin stayed around our banding station for several days and was very tame. It was getting some huge earthworms out of the ground! Robins pass thorugh Italy quite early in the spring, being a short-distance migrant that does not cross the Sahara desert to overwinter.
Jul 14 2014
Jun 19 2013
This European Robin showed up off-frame in a photo of cemetery monuments shot with a point-and-shoot camera at St. Cuthbert Church in North Meols, Lancashire. (thanks to Chris for the correction of the ID).
Jul 5 2013
Seen near the Zepplinheim Train Station, south of Frankfurt. The low winter light helped when the bird flew up to a perch in the sun.
Feb 12 2012
Not a cloud in the sky and a crisp 6 degrees. The sun's low altitude on the winter horizon finally made for the lighting conditions I hoped for. See between Frankfurt and Hoechst, along the Main.
Jan 15 2012
Seen west of Frankfurt, Germany.
Jan 15 2012
Even while cloudy with spits of rain and cool temperatures the Robin manages to sing a lively tune.
Jan 8 2012
A Robin conveniently posing in the sun in the early morning at Rhein-Main Regional park south of Frankfurt.
Oct 16 2011