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Dec 25 2023
A Christmas gift as a Gray Hawk was seen at close range at Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park.
Jan 7
Oct 1 2016
Seen at Diaz Ordaz, Mexico.
Oct 18 2016
Dec 4 2015
The last time we came across this species was 25 years ago in Patagonia, Arizona when my brother spotted him along a stream. Had the camera ready this time! Gamboa, Panama.
Dec 12 2015
Mar 15 2010
Along the Rio Ayampe
Apr 22 2010
Mar 15 2010
Apr 9 2010
6 Jan 08
Canon XTi w/EF100-400
Gamboa, Panama

From the colour in flight, I thought I had seen a pigeon fly into a distant dark tree. I took a few photos as I approached and the bird flew off before I could get a good look. It was only when I got home that I found out I had done better.
Jun 22 2008