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Aug 10 2007
Greylag Geese are the most numerous goose species in Iceland!
Jul 15 2014
Apr 6 2021
Oslo, Norway. Photo taken by Marta Kasprzak.
Jun 29 2013
multiple species
Managed to get 4 species in one photo, with a Mute Swan, Black-headed Gull, and Coot together on the Main River.
Jan 14 2012
A little sun poking out at the right time. Seen at Frankfurt on the Main.
Jan 14 2012
adult, winter plummage, multiple species
Piggy-backing allowed!
Frankfurt on the Main.
Jan 14 2012
Feeding on the Main River in Frankfurt
Jan 16 2011
near Dennisville, New Jersey - 26 October 2008
Spotted with a group of Canada Geese (likely a domestic escapee)
Nov 29 2008