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May 22 2021
A brief encounter with a striking friend. Cypress Mountain, BC
May 23
Apr 19 2019
A few photos didn't work as planned. Hillside that was not easy to walk on, along with quite a lot of hiker traffic made this session tricky. Completely missed the Olive Warbler. Madera Canyon.
Jun 7 2019
Apr 20 2014
male, adult, outside normal range
How lucky I was to come face to face with this Townsend's Warbler. The striking head pattern is unmistakable against the brown backdrop of the spring swamp. Far outside it's normal range, the species makes is 3rd ever appearance in Quebec, at Pointe-Calumet northwest of Montreal.
Apr 21 2014
May 17 2011
male, summer plummage
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Ladner BC
Jun 25 2011
Jun 29 2009
Fenland Trail, Banff, Alberta - 29 June 2009
Jul 17 2009