male, juvenile, outside normal range
Ottawa- prompted by a call from a friend I hurried to Ottawa today for a possible last view of this long-staying vagrant warbler. With bitter cold this week and a snowstorm tonight its survival is in question. After an hour searching I found it and remained with it for 90 minutes. Most of the time it was feeding beneath trees on ground not covered by snow. Later in the afternoon it was feeding and resting/sleeping beneath a single spruce for 45 minutes. Often I was as close as 7 feet as the bird headed towards me. Too close to shoot. A suet feeder was put up this afternoon. Hopefully it will find it in the morning. Follow the Chickadees.

UPDATE: My friend picked up the bird this afternoon. It was huddled under a spruce, partially covered in snow. It died in his hands shortly after. Nature takes its course but it is still sad. The carcass will be sent to the Royal Ontario Museum to be preserved as a study skin.
Dec 12 2017

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