Northern Mockingbird (30)
Jun 25 2022
Ottawa- A pair on territory. Regionally rare.
Jun 26 2022

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  1. Isn’t that a coincidence. This bird and its mate are at the Ottawa Airport, about 150 feet from a runway. The nest is in a tangle along a fence behind a secure side fence but only about 40 feet in so it will be easy to watch the birds coming and going later on. We had them on a mowed area close by, feeding and resting in a large tree. One of them came down to the ground about 20 feet away. The male does incredible mimics. Perfect House Sparrow, Robin, Crested Flycatcher, Starling, Killdeer, Kingfisher, Red-winged Blackbird alarm call and a number of others. They are indistinguishable from those birds.

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