Snow Bunting (28)
Nov 15 2022
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Nov 16 2022

6 Replies to “Snow Bunting”

  1. This was a rare chance to capture these birds (there were three) without the benefit of being shielded in a vehicle. I used my tripod as cover and moved slowly in their direction and was eventually close enough to have better than record shots. My only regret is that the Lapland Longspur that was in the area (but I missed) didn’t join them.

  2. From years of trying, any success I’ve had with them has been almost exclusively from the car. Even then it is tough. I always try for an isolated bird; flocks never work. This was an anomaly since I was walking and with zero natural cover I had to rely on the tripod and lens to shield me. I walked slowly, took my time and it worked.

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