outside normal range
About the last species I'd think to see in Vancouver. He seemed to have some spider webs stuck to his back as he feverishly scoured every corner for food. Unfortunately there were several house cats around. On a good note the weather has slightly improved from snow and sub-zero temps to sunshine and above freezing - hopefully he makes his way.
Dec 3 2022

5 Replies to “Prothonotary Warbler”

  1. Well that’s a surprise, Not only is it unseasonal, it is a few thousand kilometres out of range. There’s a good chance it will make it through, at least for the Christmas count if it is in the area. 🙂

  2. Believe it’s in the count circle. However tracking him through suburban housing complexes…seems to be complex. I was lucky this morning, as it seemed to have disappeared from sight this afternoon. Luckily his behaviour is quite conspicuous

  3. Let’s hope it hangs in, along with the Tropical Kingbird. I haven’t seen any recent reports for the Ontario kingbird so it may have finally succumbed to the change in season.

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