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Mar 11 2023
Cabanas Potosi, El Valle de Anton, Cocle Province.
Mar 23
outside normal range
About the last species I'd think to see in Vancouver. He seemed to have some spider webs stuck to his back as he feverishly scoured every corner for food. Unfortunately there were several house cats around. On a good note the weather has slightly improved from snow and sub-zero temps to sunshine and above freezing - hopefully he makes his way.
Dec 3 2022
May 7 2018
Long Point Provincial Park.
Jul 14 2018
May 7 2018
This bird was discovered by Ahmad ( sashah)in Long Point provincial Park.
It is an endangered species in Canada and actually nests nearby in the swampy Carolinian forest of Backus Woods.
It was strange to come across it in a tree.
There was discussion at Long Point Observatory about weather it was bright female or a dull male.
May 26 2018
May 7 2018
Long Point Provincial Park. Ontario.
May 20 2018
May 15 2017
Backus Woods. Long Point. Ontario, Canada.
Nov 20 2017
Jun 11 2016
adult, outside normal range
Seen in the distance and in difficult light. This individual is far off his normal path and although the habitat is perfect for this species, it will likely not be able to breed here as he appears to be alone. Nicolet, Quebec.
Jun 12 2016
May 12 2015
male, adult
Magee Marsh
May 20 2015