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Namaqua Dove (1)
Oena capensis
Jan 1 1970
A common dove across all of Southern Africa
Mar 15
African Lemon Dove (1)
Columba larvata
Jan 1 1970
Another forest species which spends most of its time foraging on the ground
Mar 15
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove (2)
Turtur chalcospilos
Feb 6 2014
A common bird in the eastern parts of the country
Mar 15
Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon (1)
Columba delegorguei
A forest species which is difficult to photograph as it rearely leaves its high canopy perches
Mar 15
African Olive Pigeon (1)
Columba arquatrix
Apr 6 2019
A large pigeon with a soft gentle voice. Common here in our suburb in Johannesburg
Mar 15
Mourning Collared Dove (1)
Streptopelia decipiens
Jan 1 1970
Told from other ring-necked doves by its yellow eye surrounded by red skin. Found in northern Kruger and north into Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Mar 15
African Green Pigeon (2)
Treron calvus
Dec 10 2012
always found close to fig trees which it loves to eat. Common in the Kruger park
Mar 15
Double-banded Sandgrouse (2)
Pterocles bicinctus
Jan 3 2014
Another mear emdemic- can be found further east than other sandgrouse
Nov 19 2020
Namaqua Sandgrouse (1)
Pterocles namaqua
Feb 1 2013
a Near endemic. Drinks shortly after dawn and carries water in its breast feathers back to its young
Nov 19 2020